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Deep Sanderson


The Deep Sanderson cars built by Lawrence Tune consisted of three single seat Formula Junior, two 101’s and one 201 Lawrence Link car now owned (Restored and competing) by Duncan Rabagliati. These were folowed by the 301 coupé with rear mounted Mini Cooper engines. John Pearce of J.A.Pearce Engineering in Southall billed us for the construction of 29 Kits of the 301, four of which were retained by Lawrence and built as racing cars. One of these ran at Le Mans in 1963 with a 997cc Downton prepared engine. Shortly after taking the first place in the 1000cc class from a veritable horde of Cario Abarths Fiat-Ararths, about lunchtime on Sunday, the AOC disqualified the car on the pretext that it had been behind on average minimum speed at midnight. Two 301’s with 1300cc Downton Engines went again to Le Mans in 1964 and had a bad week. One was written off a whitehouse in practice and the other only lasted an hour or so before blowing its cylinder head gasket and overheating - terminally.

Deep Sanderson returned to Le Mans in 1968 with the 302 model, which was a long version of the 301 fitted with an inline 119E Ford Contina Engine and an FT 200 Hewland gearbox. This car had been built specially for the “Index of Performance” Award which, in those days, carried the same monetary reward as the Distance Prize. The car did not run on the “Lawrence Link” trailing arm suspension as the patent on that system had been sold to Rover and Spencer King refused permission for us to use it. The centre tube chassis remained but was equipped with orthodox front wishbones and a De Dion Rear Axle. Having literally run away and hidden we were eventuallly disqualified on a technicality again; this time for the driver going further than 100 metres from the car, successfully searching for the Gilmer rubber toothed belt that had been knocked off its pulleys by debris left on the track by someone else's accident. This belt drove the main fuel pump of the Tecalamit Jackson Mechanical Fuel Injection that was fitted.

We were the London agents for T.J. selling and fitting systems to E Type Jaguars and Ford Cortinas, also Lotus Elans. One of the '64 cars and the '68 302 both took part in the Le Mans Classic Event this year providing lots of fun for all those involved.

Le Mans 2004


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